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Those who are seeing this article just want to Yiwu product sourcing service, or you want to go to China and do some business. So, I know you are in the right place for that! I have procured bought goods, as well as facilitated deals for quite some time. I have helped lots of customer and business people worldwide to the best business partners and the most wanted products, as well as the best opportunities all over China. I am Ada, a professional sourcing agent for importing goods from China, and I am 29 years old. I was born and bred in Yiwu, China and I graduated from Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College. Currently, I work close to Yiwu City, China.

Thank you for taking the time to go over the following FAQs:

What’s Procurement Process of Trendimius China Sourcing Agent?


Procurement Process Flow Chart


Received sourcing requirement from clients

 When customers want to purchase products in China, they will send us the specifications, quantity, packaging and other information requirements of the products to find out exactly what the customers want and the accurate quotation


Sourcing products/ manufacturers:

Some customers have variety of products. Their products are related to bags, knitting and other kinds of products. Usually, they have less quantity of each product, so sourcing products can be more suitable for them. Some customers specialize in a category of products such as machinery and equipment then we will find the right manufacturer for him through the comparison of price, service and other aspects



Quotation for clients:

When we think that the products and factories we find are suitable for the customer’s needs, we will give the customer a quotation.


Sending Proforma invoice to the client.

If the customer thinks the price is ok, we will make a proforma invoice and send it to the customer to arrange the deposit and let factory arrange the samples for us. If the customer thinks the price is not acceptable, we will ask the customer to give his target price and reseek factories



 When the samples are confirmed by customer, we will send order contract to factories in customer’s requirements. According to the delivery date, we will check the quality of products depend on customer’s requirements. If there is any quality problem, we will immediately feedback to the customers



 After the inspection is qualified, the customer pays off the balance, and we arrange proper logistics delivery to the customer



If the goods fail to pass the inspection, we will negotiate with the factory and customer to find a solution acceptable to everyone to solve the problem. Finally, the goods will be delivered smoothly.


Shipping documents:

After the goods are shipped, we will send the official seal of the invoice, packing list and bill of lading to the customer for customs clearance

What type of products can be sourced?

I don’t like to seem arrogant here, however, I am capable of sourcing China product you need for your company from any industry. I have had involvement in 100s of various projects and have had liaisons with 100s of product for large and small customers in the majority of sectors both on the high as well as the low ends of the market.

My years of experience taught me it’s not necessary for me to be an expert in your niche to discover what you want or need. I have managed to source items I didn’t know much about, but if you aren’t sure, just give me as many details as possible in your request. If I lack personal widespread information on whatever you are seeking, odds are I still understand the way to get it or I know folks who can.

Past We Sourced:


As you can see, the selection of supplier at yiwusourcingagent is constantly done from all over, so they are truly founded on a client’s precise interests and requirements. Try my services. I pride myself on simple and quick communications 24 hours a day, seven days a week every day of the year, including the use of instant messages. You don’t have anything to lose by enquiring, do you?

What type of help and services can you offer?


I will delightedly provide timely and effective aid with all the needed discussions, papers, rules, research, and logistics, as well as oversee the manufacturing creation procedures, organize any needed storage and ship it for the best price. I can also schedule your appointments, help you on your China business trips you need to follow-up, as well as any additional arrangements.. essentially I can provide anything you need to aid you in minimizing risks and finances, as well as save your precious time and put together enduring and lucrative partnerships with Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, dealers, and independent crafts people, as well as capitalize on likely business prospects or deals that you can make in China. If you need a point of contact or a coordinator in China who is trustworthy then I also am likely the person you need.


Supplementary services that aren’t exactly related to sourcing, however is also helpful for worldwide customers and companies alike are:

How About China Sourcing Agent Fees&Service Charge?


That’s hard to know ahead of time because of the enormous amount of products I contract in as well as all the services I offer. Let’s agree that as a purchasing agent I normally charge a minor percentage for a finder’s fee based on how much you end up buying due to my efforts. It’s that simple. It is contingent on the type and amount of your order naturally, however, it could range from lower than one percent to as much as eight percent. There are not any additional hidden operating costs, and as stated before, those amounts aren’t concrete. CLICK HERE TO GET PRICE



I’m amenable to a low margin of business sectors for instance and I surely am inclined to prize long-lasting business partnerships. After your first order, I will always give you a choice of working right with the supplies for additional orders. Alternatively, you can keep purchasing using my aid for a lower cost percentage since many things can turn out wrong so it’s good to keep a resident well-informed person around to troubleshoot and help you each step of the process. This normally means each player is happy and there is easier talks, the responses are faster, there is less delays or pushes for meeting requirements, and I provide post-sale help. Those are just some of the advantages I give both partners. It is also possible to get fixed commissions. If you require other or more unusual arrangements then merely ask me as just about anything can be negotiated and discussed.

Why are you so competitive?


I am an experienced, independent purchasing buying agent and consultant broker forwarder. My years of experience in purchasing make me forecast many unforeseen problems arising from a customer’s product purchase, such as failure to make a sample as a customer requests, made a wrong paper tag, delayed delivery, quality issues, after-sales issues, etc. Or, even worse, you can’t reach the manufacturer after you paid deposit.

Precisely because of those things, it’s possible for me to be very flexible about it all, including my prices and I can still provide you with my total attention after I accept a job.

I have positively been of great use to many people worldwide, plus made great friends during that time. As they say, you earn respect, you appreciate honestly, trust must be gained and then loyalty gets returned.

How is the charge for outsourcing service?

We don’t charge extra sourcing fee. We will send you the quotation if you can accept the price we go to the next step. If not, we will source more suppliers to meet your requirement. But we do not afford extra cost. Such as the sample fee, cost for visiting factory etc.

How many days for sourcing factory and products?

Normally within 3days. If it’s a new product on the market, then we need more times for sourcing manufacturers. And we need to keep in touch when we starting sourcing, to insure find right products and supplier for you.

When can I get the goods? How long it takes?

Normally it’s according to the production time. For stock goods, it will take around one week. For customized order, It will take around 30-45days. It also depends on your process and confirmation.

May I visit your office in China?

Sure, welcome to visit our office it’s our pleasure.

How is the payment?

Payment by TT. For small order less then 5000USD which will send by air or express we need 100% payment when place order.For custom order 30% deposit, balance against before delivery

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