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Yiwu Sourcing Agent LTD is a Chinese trading company located in Zhejiang, Yiwu, which has 8 years of purchasing experience. We’re a sourcing specialist in Yiwu.
We will source goods From Yiwu’s manufacturers and suppliers.  Providing complete sourcing services from supplier selection, factory visits, business negotiation, contract signing, product packaging, and exporting with door to door delivery. As a specialist Yiwu sourcing company, we are exporting from China to the UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, India, the Middle East etc.

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Why do you need an agent in Yiwu?

Your Problems
  1. Are you in search of a Yiwu market expert to help you source products and identify the right factories?
  2. Do you wish to source directly from the Yiwu market but are uncertain about where to begin?
  3. Are you exhausted from constant travel across the Yiwu market throughout the year?
  4. Have you discovered that locating a trustworthy supplier in the Yiwu market can be an incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive process?
  5. Does the thought of negotiating and communicating with Yiwu suppliers give you a headache?

Our Solutions:

  • Consolidation of various products into a single container to minimize your logistics expenses.
  • Expertise in strategic sourcing and identifying profitable products to import from Yiwu market.
  • Over 8 years of experience in sourcing, with access to a network of valuable suppliers.
  • Proficiency in both Mandarin and English, ensuring smooth communication.
  • Professional and comprehensive one-stop Yiwu sourcing services.
  • Efficient liaison between suppliers and clients to facilitate seamless transactions.
  • Assurance of product quality to meet your standards.
  • Mitigation of the risk associated with delayed deliveries.
  • Commitment to resolving any issues that arise promptly.

Service Details:

Product Sourcing: Upon receiving your request, our purchasing agents will diligently source products that align with your specifications from our network of over 2,000 reliable suppliers. If you have preferred merchants in mind, we can also source directly from them. We will conduct thorough product comparisons and secure the most competitive pricing for you after confirmation.

Factory Visit: To ensure manufacturing capacity and product quality, our agents will personally visit the factories where your products are made. This allows us to verify the production processes and the factory’s ability to fulfill your order to our stringent standards.

Sample Arrangement: Once we’ve confirmed your product requirements and selected suitable suppliers, we’ll send you free product samples via air for your approval. If the samples do not meet your expectations, we will persist in finding the right match until your needs are fully satisfied.

Pricing Negotiation: Our agents are skilled communicators, fluent in the nuances of negotiation within the Yiwu wholesale market landscape. We are committed to securing the best products and services at the most favorable prices.

Production Arrangement: After you confirm the product sample and price, we will finalize the contract and instruct suppliers to commence production, ensuring that your products are manufactured within the agreed timeframe.

Quality Control: With over five years of experience in sourcing products made in China, we select only the finest suppliers to uphold product quality from the outset. Both you and our purchasing agents will control sample quality, and we will monitor the quality of sourced products throughout the production and delivery process.

Shipping: We partner with shipping companies that boast over 30 years of experience to arrange the most efficient packing and transportation methods. This ensures that your products arrive safely and swiftly. We handle all necessary documentation and insurance to guarantee that your products are delivered into your hands without any complications.

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